Merlo ROTO 50.35 S PLUS, 4950 kg Fuel-powered high-performance telehandler

The Merlo ROTO50.35SPLUS-CVTRONIC is a high-tech rotating telehandler designed to meet the needs of different users. It features a 360° rotating turret to provide a greater operating radius, automatically controlled multi-position outriggers, an advanced safety system and a new modular cabin design with an exclusive tilt that adapts the tilt upwards to 20°. It features the award-winning CVTronic (Continuously Variable Transmission) system, which delivers 0-40 km/h acceleration without torque or shift interruption.

The Merlo ROTO50.35SPLUS-CVTRONIC telehandler is compact, lightweight and offers excellent visibility for faster and safer operations. The Merlo CVTronic intelligent continuous transmission combines Merlo experience with new technical solutions to achieve the same performance, consumption and efficiency of a traditional CVT transmission.

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The range of Rotating Telescopic Trolleys allows 360° operation thanks to the rotating turret which offers a greater radius of action compared to a fixed telescopic trolley. The new family marks a new era, introducing new standards in the field of telehandlers for the construction sector and expanding the product range with new contents, adapting more and more to the needs of different users.

Model “S Plus-CVTronic”:

This model represents the top of the range, a true concentrate of technology and performance intended to remain leader on world markets. This is also thanks to the prestigious awards already won by the range.
The main features of this new ROTO50.35SPlus-CVTronic model include: the automatically controlled multi-position stabilizers, the advanced safety system, the continuous rotation of the turret and the new modular design cabin, equipped with the exclusive tilt system that adapts the tilt upwards to 20°. This model can be equipped with the award-winning CVTronic (continuously variable transmission) system, which provides acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h without torque or gear shift interruption.


Everything at your fingertips

Proprietary precision:

Guarantee of maximum precision in movements, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, which ensures millimetric variations in the movements of the machine and in the positioning of the load.

Compact and lightweight:

Merlo telehandlers are compact and lightweight to reduce maneuvering space and ground impact. These characteristics guarantee safety, maneuverability, productivity and reduced consumption.


Merlo telehandlers are designed to provide the best visibility on the market, ensuring faster and safer operations

MCVtronic :

The Merlo CVTronic intelligent continuous transmission combines Merlo’s experience, acquired in hydrostatic transmissions, with new technical solutions that allow it to achieve the same performance, consumption and efficiency as a traditional CVT transmission. Rotating telehandlers Chassis upgrade:

The tilt correction system, integrated into the chassis, is available as standard on this model. It allows the operator to compensate for the slopes of the terrain to work in complete safety. On sloping terrain, the operator can correct the lateral inclination by 12% and the frontal inclination by 4%. This allows the telescopic boom to be extended perpendicularly to work in maximum safety conditions.


The best place to work

Quiet and comfortable:

The new cabin, with generous dimensions (1,010 mm), is mounted on Silent Blocks, which significantly reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and maximum visibility for the operator.

Quick change of accessories:

The Tac-Lock hydraulic accessory clamping system further improves user comfort.

Protection of the handled load:

The Boom Suspension System (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain.

Air conditioning system:

The airflow is evenly distributed throughout the cabin and optimally reaches all areas for first-class comfort.

Travel in complete comfort:

Electronically controlled active suspensions ensure more comfortable operation, especially on rough terrain, reducing transport times and increasing operator comfort. The device also functions as a transverse and frontal tilt corrector, allowing you to work safely even on sloping terrain.

Tilting cabin:

The exclusive Merlo cabin tilt system guarantees a superior level of comfort, ergonomics and safety. From the driver’s seat, the operator activates the cabin tilt function via the dedicated button. The longitudinal inclination reaches 20° and makes it possible to monitor the movements of the load when working at height.


Not just feelings

Recording security:

The Merlo integrated safety system monitors operating parameters in real time, allowing the operator to work with complete peace of mind.

Certified cabins / Certified protection:

This model is equipped with the exclusive new generation ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) safety system. The ASCS monitors the safety parameters of the telehandler in real time and allows the operator to work in complete safety by making the best use of the potential of the telehandler and the accessory used.


Simpler and smarter

Simple and precise operations:

The entire range is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise. Additionally, dry disc brakes limit energy absorption, thereby reducing the machine’s fuel consumption.

Reduced consumption:

Exclusive Eco Power Drive (EPD) technology automatically monitors and adjusts engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is disconnected from the accelerator pedal. This technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 18%.

Additional information

Engine Model

Type of energy


Turntable Rotation

Maximum capacity (kg)

4.95 t | 10912.87 lb

Lift height

34.00 m | 111.55 ft

Operating weight

23.35 t | 51477 lb




8.59 m | 28.18 ft

Standard tires

445 / 80 R 25


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Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification

This formation understand of the presentations in class, of the exams written, of the exercises practice And of the sessions of tests of skill. The section d'instructions with concentrate on the information important required For to use in all security and chariot elevator on and terrain accident. The part practical offer the possibility of put in practical THE SKILLS In and environment on below l'observation direct And THE advice of a instructor expert. THE SKILLS of the operators are evaluated about report to standards of the industry. This formation is not not specific has a brand or has and model, more covers THE concepts common has the plupart of the types of chariots elevators All terrain. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans

Training topics

After to have follow up This programme of formation, YOU will be in measure of demonstrate your knowledge And SKILLS In THE areas following : Forklift Basics on Rough Terrain Rules and Regulations Types The main parts and their functions Security systems Inspection before use Safe operating procedures Limitations Hazards and controls This programme of formation with concentrate on THE needs of the « users finals » And, a times finished, will provide and certificate of operator And a map  wallet what has day For each device. A note minimal of 70 % East required For succeed the test theoretical. It applies to standards And regulations Canadian And American. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans