JLG 660SJ, 66′ Fuel Straight Boom lift

The JLG 660SJ is a telescopic straight mast boom lift available for hire. This boom lift is all terrain and can reach a maximum working height of 72 feet with a lifting capacity of 500 pounds. It is equipped with oscillating axles and a 3-mode steering selector for maximum traction on all types of surfaces. It also has a 6-foot jib and a 360-degree rotating turret for added versatility and flexibility when positioning the basket around obstacles. The platform has standard features such as a hydraulic platform rotator, swing axle, 110V AC outlet in platform, 5 degree tilt warning light/alarm, and pivoting motor plate. There are also accessories and options available, such as a larger platform deck, fall arrest platform, towing package, platform work lights and much more.

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  •  Lower hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, particulate and NOx emissions with Stage IV-compliant engine.


  •  Equipped with hydrostatic drive for easy, precise, infinitely-variable-speed manoeuvrability.


  •  Conquer rough terrain with standard oscillating axle and four-wheel drive, delivering optimised grip and stability.


  •  Fewer buttons and switches used to position the platform and less time spent learning to use the platform controls.

Standard Features

  •  0.91 m x 1.83 m low mount platform
  •  Side entry with drop bar mid rail
  •  Multiple function operation
  •  Full proportional drive joystick control with integral thumb steer switch
  •  Full proportional main boom and swing joystick control
  •  Multiple speed control for telescope and platform rotate
  •  Selectable creep speed on drive / lift and swing functions
  •  1.83 m articulating jib
  •  180 degree powered platform rotator
  •  Platform console machine status light panel 1
  •  Load sensing system
  •  AC cable to platform
  •  Deutz D2011 L04 (36.4 kW) diesel engine
  •  Engine distress warning/shut down system 2
  •  Gull-wing hoods
  •  Swing-out engine tray
  •  Control ADE® – Advanced Design Electronics System
  •  Hydrostatic drive transmission
  •  Four wheel drive
  •  Horn
  •  5 degree tilt alarm and indicator light
  •  355/55D625 foam filled lug tread tyres
  •  Oscillating front axle
  •  Lifting/tie down lugs
  •  Hour meter
  •  Ground control selector switch with key lock
  •  Skyguard active system
  •  12V DC auxiliary power

Standard Specifications

  •  Diesel Engine Deutz D2011 L04 (36.4 kW)
  •  Fuel Tank Capacity 151 L
  •  Hydraulic System151 L
  •  Auxiliary Power 12V DC
  •  Tyres 39 x 15-22.5 Foam Filled

Accessories and Options

  •  0.92 m x 2.44 m swing gate entry
  •  Tri entry 0.91 m x 1.83 m low mount platform
  •  0.92 m x 2.44 m low mount platform
  •  0.76 m x 0.91 m low mount platform, rear entry 7
  •  Side entry with inward swing gate
  •  13 mm air line to platform
  •  Spark arresting type muffler
  •  Four Wheel Steer/Two Wheel Steer
  •  355/55D625 foam filled non marking tyres
  •  On-board 4,000 W generator
  •  SkyPower® package 7,500 watt on-board generator
  •  SkyWelder® package 250 amp welder in the platform 3
  •  Nite-Bright® package 4
  •  Tow Package
  •  All motion alarm
  •  Light package 5
  •  Platform worklights
  •  Head and tail lights
  •  Flashing amber beacon
  •  Euro Plugs and Sockets
  •  Hostile environment package 6
  •  Hydraulic oil cooler
  •  Skyguard beacon (ILOS)
  •  Container storage tray
  •  Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
  •  Special paint colour
  •  ClearSky Locate
  •  ClearSky CAN
  •  Soft Touch Proximity System

1 Provides indicator lights at platform control console for system distress, low fuel, tilt light, and foot switch status..
2 Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature alarms with shut-down enabled/disabled by analyser.
3 Available when integrated with the SkyPower® package.
4 Consists of six 40-watt lights, four turntable mounted lights and two platform mounted lights.
5 Includes platform mounted work lights and head and tail lights.
6 Includes console cover, boom wipers and cylinder bellows.

Additional information

Engine Model

Working height

20.02 m | 65 ft



Type of energy


Hydraulic tank capacity


Turning Radius (Inside)

Turning Radius (Outside)

Platform rotation (hydraulic)


Auxiliary Power Unit

Horizontal reach

17.40 m | 57.09 ft



Type of rotation


Fuel tank capacity

4WD drive speed

6,1 km/h

Maximum Ground Pressure

5,97 kg/cm2


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Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification

This formation understand of the presentations in class, of the exams written, of the exercises practice And of the sessions of tests of skill. The section d'instructions with concentrate on the information important required For to use in all security and chariot elevator on and terrain accident. The part practical offer the possibility of put in practical THE SKILLS In and environment on below l'observation direct And THE advice of a instructor expert. THE SKILLS of the operators are evaluated about report to standards of the industry. This formation is not not specific has a brand or has and model, more covers THE concepts common has the plupart of the types of chariots elevators All terrain. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans

Training topics

After to have follow up This programme of formation, YOU will be in measure of demonstrate your knowledge And SKILLS In THE areas following : Forklift Basics on Rough Terrain Rules and Regulations Types The main parts and their functions Security systems Inspection before use Safe operating procedures Limitations Hazards and controls This programme of formation with concentrate on THE needs of the « users finals » And, a times finished, will provide and certificate of operator And a map  wallet what has day For each device. A note minimal of 70 % East required For succeed the test theoretical. It applies to standards And regulations Canadian And American. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans