JLG 2030ES, 20′ Battery Scissor lift

The JLG 2030ES is a lifting platform equipped with a 0.90 m extension, folding guardrails, a gate opening inwards, a removable control box, rings for attaching a lanyard safety, proportional travel control and load sensing system. It is powered by 4 long-life traction batteries, controlled by automatic traction control and can be programmed to custom settings. Equipment includes a pothole protection system, battery charge indicator, hour meter, tilt detection system, non-marking tires, towing eyes and fork pockets. Options such as work lights, more powerful batteries, descent alarms and accessory packs for electricians or plumbers are also available.

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  • 0.90 m platform extension
  • Folding guardrails
  • Inward opening gate
  • Removable platform control box
  • Safety lanyard attachment rings
  • Translation control
  • Proportional control operable from a single main
  • Proportional control of lifting/lowering speed
  • Joystick controls for lifting and translation
  • Load sensing system

Power and Transmission


  • 4 traction batteries 6V 220 A/h, long life
  • Automatic traction control
  • Programmable “personalized” settings
  • On-board self-test
  • Battery/electric compartment doors open outwards
  • 20 A automatic battery charger
  • Translation and steering of the front wheels controlled by double
  • electric motor
  • 2 automatic brakes
  • Parking brakes

Equipment and Accessories


  • Pothole protection system
  • AC power cable to platform
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Hour meter
  • Racks for panels
  • Safety bar for maintenance< br>Scissor maintenance support
  • Manual lowering
  • Horn
  • Non-marking solid tires (0.40 x 0.12m)
  • Variable tilt detection
  • Tilt alarm and indicator< br>Towing eyes
  • Fork pockets

Options Available

  • Platform working lights
  • 245 A/h batteries instead of batteries
  • 220 A/h
  • Lifting eyes
  • All movement alarm
  • Descent alarm
  • ‘alarms 1
  • Protective foam guardrails
  • Support for panels
  • Supports for tubes
  • Workstation with 12 V socket< br>Workstation without 12 V socket
  • Electricians pack 2
  • Plumber pack 3
  • Beacon
  • Sockets

1 Includes motion alarm and beacon
2 Includes wireless workstation 12V socket, tube holders, vice and spool holder.
3 Includes workstation with 12V socket, supports for tubes and vice.

Additional information





Tire Type

Tire Size

Type of energy


Drive Speed - Stowed Position

4.4 km/h

Turning Radius (Inside)

Turning Radius (Outside)

Ground Clearance

Machine Weight


Overall height

1.82 m | 5.97 ft

Maximum Ground Pressure

6,33 kg/cm2

Overall Length

Overall Width

Lifting/lowering time

30/40 s

Maximum Drive Height

Platform height, lowered

1.10 m | 3.61 ft

Platform extension

0.90 m | 2.95 ft

Travel Speed - Elevated

0.8 km/h

electric engine

3 kW

Hydraulic system

10.6 L

Platform height (extended)

6.10 m | 20.01 ft

Platform guardrail height

1.10 m | 3.61 ft

Platform dimensions (L x W)

0.76 x 2.30 m | 2 ft x 7 ft

Platform extension capacity

0.12 t | 264 lb

Brakes (drive wheels)

Electriques, friction auto


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This formation understand of the presentations in class, of the exams written, of the exercises practice And of the sessions of tests of skill. The section d'instructions with concentrate on the information important required For to use in all security and chariot elevator on and terrain accident. The part practical offer the possibility of put in practical THE SKILLS In and environment on below l'observation direct And THE advice of a instructor expert. THE SKILLS of the operators are evaluated about report to standards of the industry. This formation is not not specific has a brand or has and model, more covers THE concepts common has the plupart of the types of chariots elevators All terrain. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans

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