CLARK PX20, Electric Pallet Truck 4000 lbs

CLARK low lift PX20 and PPX(S)20 are robust forklifts for industrial applications. They are built on the “Built to Last” principle and are designed for use in harsh warehouse environments. The carts are equipped with batteries of up to 375 Ah, which allows them to operate for entire shifts without the need to recharge them. The robust one-piece frames are available in different configurations and allow even more flexible use with an optional on-board charger. The pallet trucks can be equipped with a four-digit PIN code to be activated without an ignition key, which prevents unauthorized use. The operator’s platform is foldable and optional on the PX20 and standard on the PPX(S)20, increasing both safety and comfort. The trucks have a battery capacity of up to 375 Ah and are equipped with AC technology, automatic stop on inclines and ramps, automatic braking when the tiller is released and a safety drawbar ergonomic to improve performance and safety.

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The CLARK PX20 and PPX(S)20 low lift pallet trucks are robust low value pallet trucks for applications industrial. These carts are built according to the Built To Last® principle. Whether for loading and unloading trucks or transporting heavy materials in a warehouse environment, CLARK storage technology is designed for tough applications. These trucks can be equipped with batteries up to 375 Ah. The battery removal system lateral allows multiple shift rotation applications.


All control functions for lifting, lowering and driving are positioned in a safety tiller ergonomic with easy to reach switches. This allows the operator to concentrate solely on the process of transportation. With the tiller in the vertical position, using an optional switch, the truck can be used to maneuver in confined spaces.


The PX20/PPX(S)20 range is the result of CLARK’s rich history as a developer and manufacturer of forklifts robust, reliable and durable according to the Built To Last® principle. For the construction of the PX/PPX(S) range, CLARK has used proven component materials and solid construction to ensure long life, high performance and safety.

Battery compartment and charging technology

Heavy-duty one-piece frames are available in various configurations. Three different battery compartment sizes are available for the PX20:

  • Battery compartment (small) for 150 Ah
  • Battery compartment (large) for 375 A
  • Battery compartment (medium) for 250 Ah

Even more flexible use with an optional on-board charger for the PX20 using a standard power outlet.
The side battery removal option is also available in combination with a large battery compartment.

Activation by optional PIN code (PX20)

With a four-digit PIN code, the PX20 can be activated without an ignition key. The programmable automatic shutdown function also prevents unauthorized use. Driving characteristics such as acceleration, top speed or braking response can be set individually for each PIN code (up to 25 PIN codes can be saved with different driving parameters) and allow the PX20 to be adapted to the most diverse requirements.

Operator platform

The folding operator’s platform, optional on the PX20 and standard on the PPX(S)20, increases both safety and comfort. The platform has a heavy-duty textured, non-slip surface and provides optimal comfort and extra suspension. The low standing height makes it easy to raise and lower the device during operation. If the driver gets off the platform, the device automatically switches to standby mode and the device can no longer be used.


The CLARK PX range includes three models of low-lift trucks. The PX20 which is an extremely robust forklift
has a maximum speed of 6 km/h. Optional, it comes with an additional operator platform. The PPX20 model with a maximum speed of 8.5 km/h and the
PPXS20 12 km/h are equipped as standard with power steering and a driving platform.The CLARK PX range has been designed for the most demanding applications over long transport distances. Platforms can be manually folded to increase maneuverability in confined spaces.

Performance and security

  •  Powerful acceleration with AC technology.
  •  Battery capacity up to 375 Ah.
  •  Automatic stopping on slopes and ramps (automatic parking brake).
  •  Automatic braking when the tiller handle is released.
  •  Ergonomic safety tiller
  •  Lateral battery removal allows multiple shift rotation applications.
    (Option for PX20 only with large battery compartment)

Reliability and maintenance

  •  Display of the error code on the screen.
  •  Reliable AC controller.
  •  One-piece front cover for easy access during service and maintenance work.
  •  Steel battery cover (PX20).

Safety and Ergonomics

  •  Sensitive drive switch for safe and precise work.
  •  Suspension support wheel for greater stability (PX20).
  •  Integrated tiller head drive and handy control switches stations.
  •  Clearly positioned battery discharge indicator.
  • Tilted battery cover for an optimal view of the fork (PX20).
  •  Tiller handle slow speed function (PX20 option).

Additional information






Type of energy


Lifting height

0.21 m | 0.71 ft


24V électrique


Stationnaire / marche ­direction

Load Capacity / Load

2.00 t | 4409 lb

Distance from load center


charging distance

1.00 m | 3.30 ft

Tire size, front


Tire size, rear

Ø85×110 /Ø85×70

Lowered height h13 (mm)

85 mm | 3.35 in

Turning radius 4.35 Wa

1.53 m | 5.03 ft

Service brake


Traction motor, power S2 60

1.2 kW


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