Crown SCT 6010 Electric Forklift 3000 lbs

The Crown Drive System features the latest generation AC drive system with Access 1 2 3 technology, providing high efficiency and precise control. The e-GEN® Braking System offers variable regenerative motor braking for optimal stopping force and reduced maintenance. The steering system ensures smooth handling and less tire scrubbing, enhancing tire life and operator confidence. The hydraulic system is equipped with low noise pumps and precise actuation through metered spool valves. Crown’s three-stage mast assembly improves visibility and reduces truck length, with quiet lift transitions and anti-rattle devices for smoother operation. The drive units are reliable and constantly lubricated, while the carriage offers flexibility with adjustable fork spread and various attachments.Battery access is easy with a lift-up seat deck and latch, and the Battery Transfer System allows quick battery exchange for extended operating hours. The truck complies with European safety standards and offers various mast types for different requirements. Note that dimensions and performance data may vary due to manufacturing tolerances, and Crown products are subject to change without notice.

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Crown drive system  

Crown has applied the latest generation AC drive system, enhanced with Access 1 2 3 technology. The demand for high efficiency systems that closely match customers’ torque requirements is met with this latest generation control system. Independently controlled AC drive motors manufactured by Crown are specifically designed to optimize system integration between traction and brake controls.  

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 technology delivers optimal performance and control by providing a communications interface for operators and technicians, intelligent forklift system coordination and simplified service with advanced diagnostics.  

The Crown screen is used to assist with troubleshooting, access service history, and set performance features. Three performance modes can be selected to suit operator experience or application requirements.

e-GEN® braking system  

Variable regenerative engine braking is optimized and assisted by electric friction brakes, eliminating the maintenance associated with typical oil-immersed, disc or drum brakes. The appropriate amount of stopping force is applied to match the operator’s brake input and the current operating conditions of the truck.  

Closed-loop Access 1 2 3 traction control will automatically hold the cart waiting until a travel input is requested, even when operating on a ramp.  

Automatic electric parking brakes activate when the operator leaves the seat, no travel input has been requested, or battery power has been disconnected.  

Three-wheel truck with proportional rack and pinion steering system   

Hydrostatic power steering uses a large, fully enclosed rack and pinion gear assembly. Debris guard prevents stretch sheets and other materials from being picked up and wrapped around the axle.

Four-wheel truck

The sturdy axle frame, forged spindle and connecting links eliminate the need for adjustment. A two-piece pin and kingpin with tapered roller bearings improves life and ease of maintenance. Spherical bearings with straight pins in the connecting links eliminate any play in the linkage. All bearing locations are sealed to exclude contaminants and are equipped with lubrication fittings for ease of maintenance.

The steering geometry is matched to the controller to provide smooth steering from all angles. The benefit is less tire friction, which extends tire life. Both engines receive power, even in the tightest corners. This helps the truck accelerate, turn and maneuver even from a full-turn starting position. Cornering Speed ​​Control regulates drive motor power based on how much the truck is turned. The advantage is smooth and stable steering which can increase operator confidence and productivity


The low noise hydraulic pump serves both lifting and steering systems. The hydraulic system provides continuous filtration through the suction filter and an easy-to-maintain return filter. Hydraulic actuation is precise and oil is controlled using metered spool valves. The 3-spool valve for lifting/lowering, tilting and an auxiliary function is standard and has a built-in pressure relief valve for system protection. A pressure-compensated lowering valve ensures safe and controlled lowering speeds.

Mast assembly

Mast assembly

The three-stage mast assembly manufactured by Crown uses a “flush” interlocking I-beam design to improve visibility and reduce carriage length. Roller bearing studs are welded on both sides of the rails for maximum strength and the roller bearings are angled to operate in the thick cross section of the rail. High-strength steel mast sections with sealed-for-life rollers are designed for low mast deflection and high rigidity. The tie rods wrap around the rails for added strength and to resist off-center loading forces.

“In-line” hose routing provides better visibility. Cylinders are placed behind the rails to create a high visibility design. The mast has four attachment points to the truck for good load force distribution. There are two mounting points on the frame where the tilt cylinders attach. Tilt cylinders use spherical bushings to resist off-center load distortions. Two large diameter axles attach the mast to the power units.

The Crown manufactured mast provides a quiet lift transition through staging when raising and lowering. Anti-rattle devices reduce mast noise when traveling over uneven surfaces.

A range of mast types are available:

  •  The TL provides maximum visibility through the mast by eliminating the interior free-lift cylinder.
  •  TF offers the widest viewing window with full free lifting capacity.  
  •  TT offers maximum flexibility with full free lifting capacity.  
  •  The Quad Mast provides maximum lift height at the lowest folded height.

Drive units

Two independent drive units are manufactured by Crown. The gears of the heavy-duty drive unit are constantly lubricated in an oil bath. This proven design is quiet and reliable, providing years of trouble-free service.


An FEM/ISO/ITA Class II carriage is standard. The fork spacing is adjustable between 314 and 914 mm. You have the choice between an integrated side shift manufactured by Crown or an ISO hook type side shift. Other accessories such as a fork positioner are easy to add. High strength forged steel forks manufactured by Crown with fork tip indicators are available in various lengths.

Battery access

The seat pan with latch can be easily lifted for excellent access to the battery. The seat deck is supported by gas struts and remains vertical. A removable battery door is standard. A battery retainer switch prevents unintended operation when the battery door is not properly installed. A hinged battery door is an option. The Crown V-force Litium ready option comes with a full side cover with an access cutout for side loading.

BTS Battery Transfer System

  The patent-pending BTSystem is available as an option. This unique manually powered system allows for faster, safer battery swapping in minutes for extended hours of operation or continued truck operation by swapping out spare batteries.

Mast assembly

Complies with European safety standards. Dimensions and performance figures may vary due to manufacturing tolerances. Performance is based on a mid-size vehicle and is affected by weight, truck condition, equipment and operating area conditions. Crown products and specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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Load Center



Operating weight


Ground Clearance (Stowed)

Tire Type

Type of energy


Lifting height

4.37 m | 14.32 ft


Lift capacity

1.30 t | 2866 lb

Turning Radius (Inside)

Gradeability - 2WD

Ground Clearance

Tire size, front


Tire size, rear

140/ 55-

Turning radius


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Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification

This formation understand of the presentations in class, of the exams written, of the exercises practice And of the sessions of tests of skill. The section d'instructions with concentrate on the information important required For to use in all security and chariot elevator on and terrain accident. The part practical offer the possibility of put in practical THE SKILLS In and environment on below l'observation direct And THE advice of a instructor expert. THE SKILLS of the operators are evaluated about report to standards of the industry. This formation is not not specific has a brand or has and model, more covers THE concepts common has the plupart of the types of chariots elevators All terrain. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans

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