XCMG XE225U, 23 500 kg (51,809 lb) Excavator – 3 y / 3 600 h

The XE225U excavator by XCMG is a robust and reliable machine designed to excel in rough terrains. It features a durable construction, including a Cummins Tier 4 Final compliant engine, Kawasaki-KPM pump, and reinforced boom and arm. The spacious cab offers operator comfort with low noise, reduced vibration, and excellent visibility. The excavator is versatile with multiple bucket sizes and a wide range of attachments for efficient operations. Maintenance is made easy with accessible filters and lubrication points. The undercarriage is built to withstand rugged terrains, and precise control is achieved with various working modes and proportional joysticks. The powerful Cummins engine delivers exceptional performance while reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Safety is prioritized with a certified cab, rearview and optional right-view cameras, anti-slip steps, guard rails, and LED working lights. The excavator also provides programmable auxiliary lines to support hydraulic attachments. Optional features are available to enhance the machine’s capabilities.

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Built to last

The robust design features a state-of-the-art Cummins Tier 4 Final compliant engine, Kawasaki-KPM pump, main control valve, swing motor and upgraded hydraulic system, coupled with reinforced boom, arm, structural parts, and enlarged cylinders make the XE225U a reliable machine that will live up to your every expectation when operating in rough terrains.

Operator comfort

It offers a spacious cab with low noise, reduced vibration by silicon-filled viscous mount, and excellent all-around visibility to ensure operator comfort: fully adjustable heated air suspension seat and air conditioning with climate control.

Made to do more

Multiple sizes of buckets, including 0.9/1.2 m3 Earthwork Bucket, 0.9/1.0/1.2 m3 Strengthened Bucket, and 0.9/1.0 m3
Rock Bucket gives you more options in different job sites. Further, with a wide range of attachments, the machine is highly versatile for productive, efficient operations.

Easy maintenance


The grouped filters and centralized lubrication points are easily accessed from the ground level, making daily maintenance efficient and safer at your job sites.

Robust undercarriage

The robust sprockets, idlers, carrier and bottom rollers, and X-shape frame are built to withstand rugged terrains and operations to improve durability and increase uptime.

Precise control

With eight working modes, three power modes, and proportional joysticks, the operator can finish demanding tasks confidently and efficiently.

Powerful engine

The reliable Cummins B6.7 T4F engine delivers exceptional power while reducing emissions and fuel consumption by adopting a high-pressure common-rail electronic injection system, among other advanced technologies.

Safety solutions

Every XCMG excavator is designed with safety as a priority. The machine features a ROPS and OPG-certified cab, standard rearview and optional right-view cameras, anti-slip steps, guard rails and LED working lights. These solutions will protect the operator and the people around the machine.

Optional features give you more

The XE225U comes with every feature that the operator would expect in the industry. Additionally, it can always surprise you with multiple optional pieces of equipment.

Easy-to-use attachments

Programmable auxiliary lines AUX1 (single and dual way) and AUX2 are provided to support your hydraulic attachments like grabs, shear, hammer and many more.

Additional information

Operating weight

23.50 t | 51809 lb

Type of energy


Boom length

5.68 m | 18.63 ft

Maximum digging height

9.50 m | 31.17 ft

Maximum digging depth

6.17 m | 20 ft

Rated Power

129 kW (173 hp)

Standard Bucket Capacity

1.2 m³ (1.57 yd³ )

Max. loading height

6.78 m | 22.00 ft


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Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification

This formation understand of the presentations in class, of the exams written, of the exercises practice And of the sessions of tests of skill. The section d'instructions with concentrate on the information important required For to use in all security and chariot elevator on and terrain accident. The part practical offer the possibility of put in practical THE SKILLS In and environment on below l'observation direct And THE advice of a instructor expert. THE SKILLS of the operators are evaluated about report to standards of the industry. This formation is not not specific has a brand or has and model, more covers THE concepts common has the plupart of the types of chariots elevators All terrain. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans

Training topics

After to have follow up This programme of formation, YOU will be in measure of demonstrate your knowledge And SKILLS In THE areas following : Forklift Basics on Rough Terrain Rules and Regulations Types The main parts and their functions Security systems Inspection before use Safe operating procedures Limitations Hazards and controls This programme of formation with concentrate on THE needs of the « users finals » And, a times finished, will provide and certificate of operator And a map  wallet what has day For each device. A note minimal of 70 % East required For succeed the test theoretical. It applies to standards And regulations Canadian And American. - Duration: 3.5 hours + practical assessment - Expiration : 3 ans